Beginning with Russet oak tanned skirting leather (used for saddles), we dress the surface to have a nap.  Something like suede or nubuck, we lightly lift the fibres of the top grain to give a deeper texture.  As you can see by the loop, in the picture to the right and above,  it does not have this dressed surface.  With a one and one quarter inch width the Countryman is made in our standard thickness from two layers of topgrain stitched together with brown thread.  A solid  brass tug buckle is used, so named as it is designed and used for the tugs of a horse harness. 

Beauty with just enough Beast

Likely you will not need to pull the plow or cart while wearing this lovely belt on your waist, but it’s good to know that your equipment is up for the job.  Whether strolling about the city, flaneur style, or taking care of business, this new finish has a casual elegance.

         Width – 1 1/4″                       Priced at  $190



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