For when it’s ROUGH OUT

This belt is all business.  Woodsy business that is.  It is one and a half inches wide, and about 20% thicker than our already substantial belts.  Made with two layers of English Bridle Leather stitched on our 100 year old Union Lockstitch Sewing Machine.  In the interest of rugged use and looks, the top finish of this belt is the bottom finish of the tanned hide, the rough out side.  You can work all day without a concern for any scratches or marks.  It all disappears in the natural mottled finish of the hide.

The buckle is a matte finish #49, tumbled Stainless Steel.  Stitched with lumberjack Red thread.  Finished with a hand rubbed robust wax. This belt possesses all that is needed to define tough.  Like the man that wears it, this belt is not one dimensional.

                     Width – 1 1/2″                       Priced at           $190