English Bridle Leather Mousepad

Give your mouse a home


Although we originally designed this mouse pad a quarter of a century ago, when roller balls were all the rage, lasers and leather seem to live quite harmoniously as well.  A leather mouse pad gave a level of grip to the old rollerball mice.  Of course nowadays that’s ancient history and lasers define the movements of your mouse.  English Bridle leather is comfortable for your hand and your mouse’s feet.  Our “Classic” chestnut mouse pad is made from USA tanned English Bridle Leather  with a hand burnished and dyed edge and a nice tight stitch from our Union Lockstitch sewing machine.  Bringing the traditional way of doing things to your post modern workstation of electronics and radio waves.  A little bit of leather, goes a long way.  If you have a corporate logo or just want something totally custom and personalized, ask us about embossing your artwork into your distinctive mouse’s new locale.


English Bridle Leather Coaster

The Mousepad’s little brother.  He keeps your coffee warm, your drink cold, and your table top pristine.

We sell these as singles, sets of four, or if you are looking for a promotional item, you can have a stack as tall as your little brother.

Singles  –  $16

Set of Four – $50

Quantity prices, please contact

(it depends on how tall your little brother is)

Key Fobs

Just like our belts, this one is doubled and stitched, English Bridle Leather.  Available in Chestnut, Foxwood, and Black.  The leather portion measures 4″ x 1 1/8″.


English Bridle Leather Tassle fob.  In Black and Chestnut, one little red stitch holds it all together.  Loop and Tassle 5″ long. 

Robust and Elegant.


Horse Hair Tassle, kindly donated from our own herd.  Brass ring to tip of tail, 5″